List of BSD or similar licensed software

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[edit] Base Operating Systems

  • FreeBSD - Monolithic (BSD)
  • NetBSD - Monolithic, Portable (BSD)(Pure)
  • OpenBSD - Monolithic, Ultra-Secure (BSD)(Pure)
  • Minix 3 - Microkernel
  • HelenOS
  • HaikuOS

[edit] Desktop Environments

  • Enlightenment
  • Etoile

[edit] LiveCDs

[edit] OpenBSD based

[edit] FreeBSD based

[edit] NetBSD based

[edit] Other BSDs

[edit] Operating System Distributions

[edit] Web Browsers

  • Chromium
  • SRWare Iron

[edit] Web Clients (Other)

  • cURL

[edit] Window Managers

  • FVWM (only the one shipped with OpenBSD)
  • FluxBox (MIT)
  • BlackBox
  • Enlightenment (BSD)
  • Etoile (BSD)

[edit] Web Servers

  • Apache Web Server 1.x (BSD like)
  • Apache Web Server 2.x (Apache)
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