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NetBSD is a form of Unix, similar to FreeBSD in principle, but developed with a view to supporting the widest range of processors and hardware platforms. It is also the first to be supported by and have support for xen virtualisation.

The following list of support processors and platform architectures is taken from the NetBSD website:

  • alpha;
  • arm - acorn26, acorn32, cats, evbarm, hpcarm, iyonix, netwinder, shark and zaurus;
  • hppa -hp700;
  • i386 - i386 (runs on xen);
  • m68010 -sun2;
  • m68k - amiga, atari, cesfic, hp300, luna68k, mac68k, mvme68k, news68k, next68k, sun3 and x68k;
  • mipseb - evbmips (either eb and el), ews4800mips, mipsco, newsmips, sbmips (either eb and el) and sgimips;
  • mipsel - algor, arc, cobalt, evbmips, hpcmips, playstation2, pmax and sbmips;
  • powerpc - amigappc, bebox, evbppc, ibmnws, macppc, mvmeppc, ofppc, pmppc, prep and sandpoint;
  • sh3eb - evbsh3 (either eb and el) and mmeye;
  • sh3el - dreamcast, evbsh3, landisk and hpcsh;
  • sparc - sparc;
  • sparc64 - sparc64 (Can also run sparc binaries);
  • vax - vax;
  • x86_64 - amd64 (Can also run i386 binaries) (runs on xen)

See the NetBSD Project website for more information.

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