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Vim is a very powerful text editor. It is an extended version of Vi and means VI iMproved. It supports many features such as syntax highlighting or folding, can keep backups of files, and many others ...

Note that vim is not part of FreeBSD, you will have to install it before running it. Once installed, you are advised to copy the file "/usr/local/share/vim/vim63/vimrc_example.vim" into your home directory and rename it ".vimrc".

See also vi, ee (commonly aliased under FreeBSD as "edit"), joe, nano, pico, vim or emacs.

VIMRC Extras

The example has most options but here are some more that you can insert on the end of your ~/.vimrc file

set tabstop=4       " numbers of spaces of tab character
set shiftwidth=4    " numbers of spaces to (auto)indent
set number          " show line numbers

VIMRC Colors

If you use a dark terminal window use

set background=dark
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