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Wonder how this works ....


how what works?

talk pages? --Dave 13:41, 16 Dec 2005 (EST)

How wiki's user talk works

Sorry Mr. Dave, I was just seeing how the wikiing works as I am a wiki newbie, as it were. BTW, love the idea of a freebsd wiki. Any word on if this will become official or officially recognised?

Official commentary

There seems to be substantial resistance to an official wiki in the freebsd-doc mailing list. There are others who fully support the idea though. Sadly, the objection seems to be the wiki markup system, so they are unlikely to be convinced easily. For the moment I intend to slowly expand out sections that I see brought up often on Questions, and see how it goes. Incidently... why are we having this conversation in this user's Talk page? --Joe 06:07, 23 Dec 2005 (EST)

mostly because there's no other place and this just cropped up

although the handbook is truly excellent, it can be a bit of a bear to find information in. I don't follow any of the lists (except security and sparc) so I can't really say anything to how their wiki's working out. I know when this wiki was started, the wiki was pretty new and only a few folks had write-access. arguably, strict write controls are a good thing for documentation efforts but the fact is that it's taken them a long time to get it going and the only wiki that i can find easily on the website is the [developer's wiki] which is not really ideal or useful for your average freebsd user/admin. I personally find the handbook's approach to documentation to be a bit dry and hard to get through, not to mention a bit tough to navigate through, which is why I prefer this bsdwiki. --Dave 16:20, 25 Dec 2005 (EST)

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