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Wikis are great and this one has a lot of potential. I'd like to see all of the pages of the FreeBSD Handbook in here in an editable format. I started with this page because I need to install 10 FreeBSD servers and I don't want to burn 20 CDs to do it. I looked at the handbook, but it is light on details. I'll add them as I discover them.


Proprietary ISO Mounting Software

Sorry I had to plug proprietary software here, but I don't know of anything else for this job. If anyone knows about some better software that runs on windows, please plug it instead. I have no problem with removing the plug to Daemon Tools if someone posts something FREE.

FileZilla - Problems Running Anonymous

I usually use FileZilla server (GPL) when I need a Windows FTP server, but I never needed an anonymous server before. I was not able to log on anonymously to FileZilla server. I created a user anonymous and unchecked the password box, but to no avail. If there is another trick to this and anyone knows it, post it and I will put in a link to FileZilla. I just didn't want to put a link to software that was going to end up frustrating people. Also, if someone does know of an Open Source Windows FTP server that works with anonymous login, please let me know what that is.

Instructions to Help People in Windows

I know some people will object to helping people in Windows. Even if it is to help them install FreeBSD. I just have to respectfully disagree and ask that you leave my instructions for those people up on the wiki. I also strongly dislike plugging proprietary software, and I would be happy to find anything to replace it.

The sentiment toward virtuous monoculture is expressed at disproportionate volume to its practioner base. It's a false view of human psychology: people are more willing to branch into the unknown beginning from a secure base, and they should be given every opportunity to do so. Later on, the new can replace the old. Off topic, extra credit: Will Africa develop more quickly building on the best of what Africa already has, or the worst of what the developed world is willing to spare?

http proxy

Already I'm confused by the FreeBSD Handbook. It mentions that install sets can come from FTP, passive FTP, or proxy FTP. But I don't understand the difference between FTP via http proxy vs plain old http byte serving, and if they are different, why the installer would fall short of using http directly.

MaxEnt 21:25, 22 July 2007 (EDT)

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