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flash support update

I just added a few lines for successfully running linux-firefox with flash support. The browser works fine with flash7 but flash9 seems to be somewhat unstable.

Another update

WINE 0.9.48 + Firefox + Adobe Flash Player 9. Everything works perfect... even with sound! Since it's wine you get the occasional browser hang... but a restart fixes things.


You don't need linuxpluginwrapper. Install linux-flashplugin and nspluginwrapper. Run nspluginwrapper to set up your plugins (of course you need firefox or mozilla or opera for this to do anything).

meh I'd just install linux-<somebrowser> like linux-firefox.

Everything cool

Just writing to mention that the old browser hang ups on earlier wines are gone. WINE 0.9.59 + Firefox + Adobe Flash 9 seem perfect. In fact it has become my primary browser.

How to install the latest version of Flash

This set up works with youtube, and most other website videos. It doesn't work with CNN's videos, but it works with CNN business. Perhaps someone has insight on this, whether flash installation described is incomplete, or if an adjustment (network or other) needs to be made in /compat/linux/etc . Sidetone 13:30, 20 December 2014 (EST)

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