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Poudriere is a program to create packages from port builds inside a jail. This system allows packages to be made without logging into the jail.


Installation and help

To install:

% pkg install poudriere dialog4ports
% /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/poudriere/make install clean
% /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/dialog4ports/make install clean

For quick help:

% poudriere help
% poudriere <subcommand> help


The following configurations are done within the directory /usr/local/etc/.

Edit poudriere.conf based on poudriere.conf.sample To speed up later compiles, by allowing poudriere to track changes and use code from previous compiles, uncomment the following line in poudriere.conf, then make sure this directory exists:


Then create make.conf in the /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/ directory with the following to allow use with pkgng:


For specific makefiles, create <JAILNAME>-make.conf.

% vi amd64-make.conf

Poudriere requires a portstree; to create it type:

% poudriere ports -c

Then it requires a base for each architecture and FreeBSD version you wish to compile for:

% poudriere jail -c -j <JAILNAME> -v 10.1-RELEASE -a ARCHITECTURE

If the architecture isn't specified, it defaults to your system's architecture.


Create a file with a list of category/port in it to be referenced by the build. Example contents of <list1>:


Update, set options, then compile:

% poudriere ports -u
% poudriere jail -j <JAILNAME> -u -m svn
% poudriere options -j <JAILNAME> -f <path>/<list1>
% poudriere bulk -j <JAILNAME>


After compiling use the option testport. This is also a developer's tool.

% poudriere testport -j <JAILNAME>

Added functionality

Portmaster and Portshaker can be used with Poudriere to add functionality.

References and further reading

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