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Portmanager is like portupgrade but some consider it to be better, because it is written in C (faster than Ruby to perform the same task ), and some prefer the way that it handles the upgrading process. Presently, the port is not under active development. It is not in the ports tree anymore, as of 2015.


Updating All Ports

CAUTION: Please read the /usr/ports/UPDATING before attempting this. At least check the ports that you really need will upgrade without a problem.

To upgrade enter:

# portmanager -u -l

This keeps a log in the /var/log/portmanager.log file.

When resuming enter:

# portmanager -u -l --resume

You may need to run it a few times. Refer to the log and search for any ports which did not fetch and you will have to go and download those and put them in /usr/ports/distfiles directory. Then you can resume. There might even be some ports that have errors when compiling, it maybe best to go and upgrade these manually.

Listing Ports

# portmanager -s

Listing Ports which require updating

# portmanager -s | grep OLD

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