Mysql 5.0, installing

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Installation from ports

# su
# cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql50-server
# make install clean
# mysql_install_db
# chown -R mysql /var/db/mysql/
# chgrp -R mysql /var/db/mysql/

Start MySQL

... From command:

# /usr/local/bin/mysqld_safe -user=mysql &

.. Or a handy pre-made script:

# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server forcestart

Starting MySQL on system boot

# echo 'mysql_enable="YES"' >> /etc/rc.conf

Creating the root password

To set the root password, replace "yourpass" with your desired password:

# mysqladmin -u root password yourpass

Note: If this command returns "command not found", type "rehash" in the CLI (if using C shell) :

# rehash

Final Notes

Job done! You now have MySQL installed and running. Give yourself a pat on the back!

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