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3.11 Camera and Video Capture Devices

The bktr(4) driver supports video capture cards based on the Brooktree Bt848/849/878/879 chips, as well as Pinnacle PCTV cards, including:

     AOpen VA1000
     AVerMedia AVerTV Studio
     AVerMedia TF/FM-98
     ATI TV Wonder VE
     Hauppauge WinCast/TV
     Hauppauge WinTV-Go-FM
     Hauppauge WinTV-pci
     Hauppauge WinTV-radio
     Intel Smart Video Recorder III
     KWORLD PCI TV Tuner
     Miro PC TV
     Pinnacle PCTV Pro
     Pinnacle PCTV Rave
     PixelView PlayTV PAK
     PixelView PlayTV Pro (rev 4C, 9D)
     STB TV PCI Television Tuner
     Super TV Tuner
     TerraTec TValue
     V-Stream XPERT TV-PVR 878
     Video Highway XTreme
     VideoLogic Captivator PCI

Connectix QuickCam

USB Compatible Devices

IEEE 1394 (Firewire) Devices

3.13 IEEE 1394 (Firewire) Devices

The fwohci(4) driver provides support for PCI/CardBus FireWire interface cards. The driver supports the following IEEE 1394 OHCI chipsets:

     Adaptec AHA-894x/AIC-5800

     Apple Pangea

     Apple UniNorth
     Intel 82372FB

     IOGEAR GUF320
     Lucent / Agere FW322/323

     NEC uPD72861

     NEC uPD72870

     NEC uPD72871/2

     NEC uPD72873

     NEC uPD72874

     National Semiconductor CS4210
     Ricoh R5C551

     Ricoh R5C552

     Sony CX3022

     Sony i.LINK (CXD1947)

     Sony i.LINK (CXD3222)

     Sun PCIO-2 (RIO 1394)
     Texas Instruments PCI4410A

     Texas Instruments PCI4450

     Texas Instruments PCI4451

     Texas Instruments TSB12LV22

     Texas Instruments TSB12LV23

     Texas Instruments TSB12LV26

     Texas Instruments TSB43AA22
     Texas Instruments TSB43AB21/A/AI/A-EP

     Texas Instruments TSB43AB22/A

     Texas Instruments TSB43AB23

     Texas Instruments TSB82AA2
     VIA Fire II (VT6306)

Serial Bus Protocol 2 (SBP-2) storage devices ( sbp(4) driver) 3.14 Bluetooth Devices

The ng_bt3c(4) driver provides support for the 3Com/HP 3CRWB6096-A PCCARD bluetooth adapter.

The ng_ubt(4) driver supports all Bluetooth USB devices that conform with the Bluetooth specification v1.1, including:

     3Com 3CREB96
     AIPTEK BR0R02

     EPoX BT-DG02
     Mitsumi Bluetooth USB adapter

     MSI MS-6967

     TDK Bluetooth USB adapter

3.15 Cryptographic Accelerators

The hifn(4) driver supports various cards containing the Hifn 7751, 7951, 7811, 7955, and 7956 chipsets, such as:

     Invertex AEON

     Hifn 7751



     NetSec 7751

     Soekris Engineering vpn1201 and vpn1211

     Soekris Engineering vpn1401 and vpn1411

The safe(4) driver supports cards containing any of the following chips:

     SafeNet 1141
     SafeNet 1741

The ubsec(4) driver supports cards containing any of the following chips:

     Bluesteel 5501

     Bluesteel 5601

     Broadcom BCM5801

     Broadcom BCM5802

     Broadcom BCM5805

     Broadcom BCM5820

     Broadcom BCM5821

     Broadcom BCM5822

     Broadcom BCM5823

3.16 Miscellaneous



     Nokia Card Phone 2.0 (gsm900/dcs1800 HSCSD terminal)

Floppy drives ( fdc(4) driver)

VGA-compatible video cards ( vga(4) driver)

   Note: Information regarding specific video cards and compatibility with Xorg can be found at

Keyboards including:

     AT-style keyboards ( atkbd(4) driver)

     PS/2 keyboards ( atkbd(4) driver)

     USB keyboards ( ukbd(4) driver)

Pointing devices including:

     Bus mice and compatible devices ( mse(4) driver)

     PS/2 mice and compatible devices, including many laptop pointing devices ( psm(4) driver)

     Serial mice and compatible devices

     USB mice ( ums(4) driver)
   Note: moused(8) has more information on using pointing devices with FreeBSD. Information on using pointing devices with Xorg can be found at

“PC standard” parallel ports ( ppc(4) driver)

PC-compatible joysticks ( joy(4) driver)

PHS Data Communication Card/PCCARD

     NTT DoCoMo P-in Comp@ct

     Panasonic KX-PH405

     SII MC-P200

Xilinx XC6200-based reconfigurable hardware cards compatible with the HOT1 from Virtual Computers (xrpu driver).

this information has been reformatted from HARDWARE.TXT available in the root of the install CD/DVD/FTP.

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