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Supported Disk Controllers

Controllers supported by the aac(4) driver include:

     Adaptec AAC-364
     Adaptec SAS RAID 4000SAS
     Adaptec SAS RAID 4005SAS
     Adaptec SAS RAID 4800SAS
     Adaptec SAS RAID 4805SAS
     Adaptec SATA RAID 2020SA ZCR
     Adaptec SATA RAID 2025SA ZCR
     Adaptec SATA RAID 2026ZCR
     Adaptec SATA RAID 2410SA
     Adaptec SATA RAID 2420SA
     Adaptec SATA RAID 2610SA
     Adaptec SATA RAID 2620SA
     Adaptec SATA RAID 2810SA
     Adaptec SATA RAID 2820SA
     Adaptec SATA RAID 21610SA
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 2020ZCR
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 2025ZCR
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 2120S
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 2130S
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 2130SLP
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 2230SLP
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 2200S
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 2240S
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 3230S
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 3240S
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 5400S
     Dell CERC SATA RAID 2
     Dell PERC 2/Si
     Dell PERC 2/QC
     Dell PERC 3/Si
     Dell PERC 3/Di
     Dell PERC 320/DC
     HP ML110 G2 (Adaptec SATA RAID 2610SA)
     HP NetRAID 4M
     IBM ServeRAID 8i
     IBM ServeRAID 8k
     Legend S220
     Legend S230

The adv(4) driver supports the following SCSI controllers:

     AdvanSys ABP510/5150
     AdvanSys ABP5140
     AdvanSys ABP5142
     AdvanSys ABP902/3902
     AdvanSys ABP3905
     AdvanSys ABP915
     AdvanSys ABP920
     AdvanSys ABP3922
     AdvanSys ABP3925
     AdvanSys ABP930, ABP930U, ABP930UA
     AdvanSys ABP960, ABP960U
     AdvanSys ABP542
     AdvanSys ABP742
     AdvanSys ABP842
     AdvanSys ABP940
     AdvanSys ABP940UA/3940UA
     AdvanSys ABP940U
     AdvanSys ABP3960UA
     AdvanSys ABP970, ABP970U
     AdvanSys ABP752
     AdvanSys ABP852
     AdvanSys ABP950
     AdvanSys ABP980, ABP980U
     AdvanSys ABP980UA/3980UA
     MELCO IFC-USP (PC-98)
     RATOC REX-PCI30 (PC-98)
     @Nifty FNECHARD IFC-USUP-TX (PC-98)

The adw(4) driver supports SCSI controllers including:

     AdvanSys ABP940UW/ABP3940UW
     AdvanSys ABP950UW
     AdvanSys ABP970UW
     AdvanSys ABP3940U2W
     AdvanSys ABP3950U2W

The aha(4) driver supports the following SCSI host adapters:

     Adaptec AHA-154xB
     Adaptec AHA-154xC
     Adaptec AHA-154xCF
     Adaptec AHA-154xCP
     Adaptec AHA-1640
     Adaptec AHA-174x in 154x emulation mode
     DTC 3290 SCSI controller in 1542 emulation mode
     Tekram SCSI controllers in 154x emulation mode

The ahb(4) driver supports the following SCSI host adapters:

     Adaptec AHA-1740
     Adaptec AHA-1742
     Adaptec AHA-1740A
     Adaptec AHA-1742A

The ahc(4) driver supports the following SCSI host adapter chips and SCSI controller cards:

     Adaptec AIC7770 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7850 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7860 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7870 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7880 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7890 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7891 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7892 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7895 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7896 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7897 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7899 host adapter chip
     Adaptec 274X(W)
     Adaptec 274X(T)
     Adaptec 284X
     Adaptec 2910
     Adaptec 2915
     Adaptec 2920
     Adaptec 2930C
     Adaptec 2930U2
     Adaptec 2940
     Adaptec 2940J
     Adaptec 2940N
     Adaptec 2940U
     Adaptec 2940AU
     Adaptec 2940UW
     Adaptec 2940UW Dual
     Adaptec 2940UW Pro
     Adaptec 2940U2W
     Adaptec 2940U2B
     Adaptec 2950U2W
     Adaptec 2950U2B
     Adaptec 19160B
     Adaptec 29160B
     Adaptec 29160N
     Adaptec 3940
     Adaptec 3940U
     Adaptec 3940AU
     Adaptec 3940UW
     Adaptec 3940AUW
     Adaptec 3940U2W
     Adaptec 3950U2
     Adaptec 3960
     Adaptec 39160
     Adaptec 3985
     Adaptec 4944UW
     NEC PC-9821Xt13 (PC-98)
     NEC RvII26 (PC-98)
     NEC PC-9821X-B02L/B09 (PC-98)
     NEC SV-98/2-B03 (PC-98)
     Many motherboards with on-board SCSI support

The ahd(4) driver supports the following:

     Adaptec AIC7901 host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7901A host adapter chip
     Adaptec AIC7902 host adapter chip
     Adaptec 29320 host adapter
     Adaptec 39320 host adapter

     Many motherboards with on-board SCSI support

The adapters supported by the aic(4) driver include:

     Adaptec AHA-1505 (ISA)
     Adaptec AHA-1510A, AHA-1510B (ISA)
     Adaptec AHA-1520A, AHA-1520B (ISA)
     Adaptec AHA-1522A, AHA-1522B (ISA)
     Adaptec AHA-1535 (ISA)
     Creative Labs SoundBlaster SCSI host adapter (ISA)
     Adaptec AHA-1460, AHA-1460B, AHA-1460C, AHA-1460D (PC Card)
     Adaptec AHA-1030B, AHA-1030P (PC98)
     NEC PC-9801-100 (PC98)

Controllers supported by the amd(4) driver include:

     MELCO IFC-DP (PC-98)
     Tekram DC390
     Tekram DC390T

Controllers supported by the amr(4) driver include:

     MegaRAID SATA 150-4
     MegaRAID SATA 150-6
     MegaRAID SATA 300-4X
     MegaRAID SATA 300-8X
     MegaRAID SCSI 320-1E
     MegaRAID SCSI 320-2E
     MegaRAID SCSI 320-4E
     MegaRAID SCSI 320-0X
     MegaRAID SCSI 320-2X
     MegaRAID SCSI 320-4X
     MegaRAID SCSI 320-0
     MegaRAID SCSI 320-1
     MegaRAID SCSI 320-2
     MegaRAID SCSI 320-4
     MegaRAID Series 418
     MegaRAID i4 133 RAID
     MegaRAID Elite 1500 (Series 467)
     MegaRAID Elite 1600 (Series 493)
     MegaRAID Elite 1650 (Series 4xx)
     MegaRAID Enterprise 1200 (Series 428)
     MegaRAID Enterprise 1300 (Series 434)
     MegaRAID Enterprise 1400 (Series 438)
     MegaRAID Enterprise 1500 (Series 467)
     MegaRAID Enterprise 1600 (Series 471)
     MegaRAID Express 100 (Series 466WS)
     MegaRAID Express 200 (Series 466)
     MegaRAID Express 300 (Series 490)
     MegaRAID Express 500 (Series 475)
     Dell PERC
     Dell PERC 2/SC
     Dell PERC 2/DC
     Dell PERC 3/DCL
     Dell PERC 3/QC
     Dell PERC 4/DC
     Dell PERC 4/IM
     Dell PERC 4/SC
     Dell PERC 4/Di
     Dell PERC 4e/DC
     Dell PERC 4e/Di
     Dell PERC 4e/Si
     Dell PERC 4ei
     HP NetRAID-1/Si
     HP NetRAID-3/Si (D4943A)
     HP Embedded NetRAID
     Intel RAID Controller SRCS16
     Intel RAID Controller SRCU42X
   Note: Booting from these controllers is supported. EISA adapters are not supported.

The arcmsr(4) driver supports the following cards:


The adapters currently supported by the asr(4) driver include the following:

     Adaptec Zero-Channel SCSI RAID 2000S, 2005S, 2010S, 2015S
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 2100S, 2110S
     Adaptec ATA-100 RAID 2400A
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 3200S, 3210S
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 3400S, 3410S
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM1554
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM1564
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM2554
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM2564
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM2664
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM2754
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM2865
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM3754
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM3755U2B / SmartRAID V Millennium
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM3757

     DEC KZPCC-AC (LVD 1-ch, 4MB or 16MB cache), DEC KZPCC-CE (LVD 3-ch, 64MB cache), DEC KZPCC-XC (LVD 1-ch, 16MB cache), DEC KZPCC-XE (LVD 3-ch, 64MB cache) -- rebadged SmartRAID V Millennium

The bt(4) driver supports the following BusLogic MultiMaster “W”, “C”, “S”, and “A” series and compatible SCSI host adapters:

     BusLogic BT-445C
     BusLogic BT-445S
     BusLogic BT-540CF
     BusLogic BT-542B
     BusLogic BT-542B
     BusLogic BT-542D
     BusLogic BT-545C
     BusLogic BT-545S
     BusLogic/BusTek BT-640
     BusLogic BT-742A
     BusLogic BT-742A
     BusLogic BT-747C
     BusLogic BT-747D
     BusLogic BT-747S
     BusLogic BT-757C
     BusLogic BT-757CD
     BusLogic BT-757D
     BusLogic BT-757S
     BusLogic BT-946C
     BusLogic BT-948
     BusLogic BT-956C
     BusLogic BT-956CD
     BusLogic BT-958
     BusLogic BT-958D
     Storage Dimensions SDC3211B / SDC3211F

AMI FastDisk Host Adapters that are true BusLogic MultiMaster clones are also supported by the bt(4) driver.

Controllers supported by the ciss(4) driver include:

     Compaq Smart Array 5300
     Compaq Smart Array 532
     Compaq Smart Array 5i
     HP Smart Array 5312
     HP Smart Array 6i
     HP Smart Array 641
     HP Smart Array 642
     HP Smart Array 6400
     HP Smart Array 6400 EM
     HP Smart Array E200
    HP Smart Array E200i
     HP Smart Array P400
     HP Smart Array P400i
     HP Smart Array P600
    HP Smart Array P800
     HP Modular Smart Array 20 (MSA20)
     HP Modular Smart Array 500 (MSA500)

The dpt(4) driver provides support for the following RAID adapters:

    DPT Smart Cache Plus
     Smart Cache II (PM2?2?, PM2022 [EISA], PM2024/PM2124 [PCI]) (Gen2)
     Smart RAID II (PM3?2?, PM3021, PM3222)
     Smart Cache III (PM2?3?)
     Smart RAID III (PM3?3?, PM3332 [EISA], PM3334UW [PCI]) (Gen3)
    Smart Cache IV (PM2?4?, PM2042 [EISA], PM2044/PM2144 [PCI]) (Gen4)
     Smart RAID IV

The hptmv(4) driver supports the following ATA RAID controllers:

     HighPoint's RocketRAID 182x series

The following controllers are supported by the ida(4) driver:

     Compaq SMART Array 221
     Compaq Integrated SMART Array Controller
    Compaq SMART Array 4200
     Compaq SMART Array 4250ES
     Compaq SMART 3200 Controller
     Compaq SMART 3100ES Controller
    Compaq SMART-2/DH Controller
     Compaq SMART-2/SL Controller
     Compaq SMART-2/P Controller
    Compaq SMART-2/E Controller
    Compaq SMART Controller

Controllers supported by the iir(4) driver include:

    Intel RAID Controller SRCMR
   Intel Server RAID Controller U3-l (SRCU31a)
   Intel Server RAID Controller U3-1L (SRCU31La)
   Intel Server RAID Controller U3-2 (SRCU32)
   All past and future releases of Intel and ICP RAID Controllers.
    Intel RAID Controller SRCU21 (discontinued)
   Intel RAID Controller SRCU31 (older revision, not compatible)
    Intel RAID Controller SRCU31L (older revision, not compatible)

The SRCU31 and SRCU31L can be updated via a firmware update available from Intel. Controllers supported by the ips(4) driver include:

     IBM ServeRAID 3H
     ServeRAID 4L/4M/4H
     ServeRAID Series 5
     ServeRAID 6i/6M
     ServeRAID 7t/7k/7M

Cards supported by the isp(4) driver include:

    Qlogic 1240
     Qlogic 1020
     Qlogic 1040
     Qlogic 1080
     Qlogic 1280
    Qlogic 12160
     Qlogic 210X
     Qlogic 220X
     Qlogic 2300
     Qlogic 2312
     Qlogic 234X
     Qlogic 2322
     Qlogic 200

The mfi(4) driver supports the following hardware:

     LSI MegaRAID SAS 8408E
     LSI MegaRAID SAS 8480E
     Dell PERC5/i

Controllers supported by the mlx(4) driver include:

     Mylex DAC960P
     Mylex DAC960PD / DEC KZPSC (Fast Wide)
     Mylex DAC960PDU
     Mylex DAC960PL
     Mylex DAC960PJ
     Mylex DAC960PG
     Mylex DAC960PU / DEC PZPAC (Ultra Wide)
    Mylex AcceleRAID 150 (DAC960PRL)
    Mylex AcceleRAID 250 (DAC960PTL1)
    Mylex eXtremeRAID 1100 (DAC1164P)
    RAIDarray 230 controllers, aka the Ultra-SCSI DEC KZPAC-AA (1-ch, 4MB cache), KZPAC-CA (3-ch, 4MB), KZPAC-CB (3-ch, 8MB cache)

All major firmware revisions (2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x) are supported, however it is always advisable to upgrade to the most recent firmware available for the controller. Compatible Mylex controllers not listed should work, but have not been verified.

   Note: Booting from these controllers is supported. EISA adapters are not supported.

Controllers supported by the mly(4) driver include:

     Mylex AcceleRAID 160
     Mylex AcceleRAID 170
     Mylex AcceleRAID 352
     Mylex eXtremeRAID 2000
     Mylex eXtremeRAID 3000

Compatible Mylex controllers not listed should work, but have not been verified.

The following controllers are supported by the mpt(4) driver:

     LSI Logic 53c1030 (Dual Ultra320 SCSI)
     LSI Logic FC909 (1Gb/s Fibre Channel)
     LSI Logic FC909A (Dual 1Gb/s Fibre Channel)
     LSI Logic FC919 (2Gb/s Fibre Channel)
     LSI Logic FC929, LSI Logic FC929X (Dual 2Gb/s Fibre Channel)

The SCSI controller chips supported by the mpt(4) driver can be found onboard on many systems including:

     Dell PowerEdge 1750
     IBM eServer xSeries 335

The ncr(4) driver provides support for the following NCR/Symbios SCSI controller chips:


The following add-on boards are known to be supported:

     I-O DATA SC-98/PCI (PC-98)
    I-O DATA SC-PCI (PC-98)

The following devices are currently supported by the ncv(4) driver:

     KME KXLC002 (TAXAN ICD-400PN, etc.), KXLC004, and UJDCD450
     Macnica Miracle SCSI-II mPS110
     Media Intelligent MSC-110, MSC-200
     NEC PC-9801N-J03R
     New Media Corporation BASICS SCSI
     Qlogic Fast SCSI
     RATOC REX-9530, REX-5572 (SCSI only)

Controllers supported by the nsp(4) driver include:

     Alpha-Data AD-PCS201
     I-O DATA CBSC16

The pst(4) driver supports the Promise Supertrak SX6000 ATA hardware RAID controller.

The rr232x(4) driver supports the following hardware:

     HighPoint RocketRAID 2320
     HighPoint RocketRAID 2322

Controllers supported by the stg(4) driver include:

     Adaptec 2920/A
     Future Domain SCSI2GO
    Future Domain TMC-18XX/3260
     ICM PSC-2401 SCSI
     RATOC REX-5536, REX-5536AM, REX-5536M, REX-9836A

Note that the Adaptec 2920C is supported by the ahc(4) driver.

The sym(4) driver provides support for the following Symbios/LSI Logic PCI SCSI controllers:


The SCSI controllers supported by sym(4) can be either embedded on a motherboard, or on one of the following add-on boards:

     ASUS SC-200, SC-896
     Data Technology DTC3130 (all variants)
     DawiControl DC2976UW
     Diamond FirePort (all)
     I-O DATA SC-UPCI (PC-98)
     Logitec LHA-521UA (PC-98)
     NCR cards (all)
     Symbios cards (all)
     Tekram DC390W, 390U, 390F, 390U2B, 390U2W, 390U3D, and 390U3W
     Tyan S1365

SCSI controllers supported by the trm(4) driver include:

     Tekram DC-315 PCI Ultra SCSI adapter without BIOS and internal SCSI connector
     Tekram DC-315U PCI Ultra SCSI adapter without BIOS
     Tekram DC-395F PCI Ultra-Wide SCSI adapter with flash BIOS and 68-pin external SCSI connector
     Tekram DC-395U PCI Ultra SCSI adapter with flash BIOS
     Tekram DC-395UW PCI Ultra-Wide SCSI adapter with flash BIOS
     Tekram DC-395U2W PCI Ultra2-Wide SCSI adapter with flash BIOS

For the Tekram DC-310/U and DC-390F/U/UW/U2B/U2W/U3W PCI SCSI host adapters, use the sym(4) driver.

The twa(4) driver supports the following SATA RAID controllers:

     AMCC's 3ware 9500S-4LP
    AMCC's 3ware 9500S-8
     AMCC's 3ware 9500S-8MI
    AMCC's 3ware 9500S-12
     AMCC's 3ware 9500S-12MI
     AMCC's 3ware 9500SX-4LP
     AMCC's 3ware 9500SX-8LP
     AMCC's 3ware 9500SX-12
     AMCC's 3ware 9500SX-12MI
     AMCC's 3ware 9500SX-16ML
     AMCC's 3ware 9550SX-4LP
     AMCC's 3ware 9550SX-8LP
     AMCC's 3ware 9550SX-12
     AMCC's 3ware 9550SX-12MI
     AMCC's 3ware 9550SX-16ML

The twe(4) driver supports the following PATA/SATA RAID controllers:

     AMCC's 3ware 5000 series
     AMCC's 3ware 6000 series
     AMCC's 3ware 7000-2
    AMCC's 3ware 7006-2
     AMCC's 3ware 7500-4LP
    AMCC's 3ware 7500-8
     AMCC's 3ware 7500-12
     AMCC's 3ware 7506-4LP
    AMCC's 3ware 7506-8
    AMCC's 3ware 7506-12
     AMCC's 3ware 8006-2LP
     AMCC's 3ware 8500-4LP
     AMCC's 3ware 8500-8
     AMCC's 3ware 8500-12
     AMCC's 3ware 8506-4LP
     AMCC's 3ware 8506-8
     AMCC's 3ware 8506-8MI
     AMCC's 3ware 8506-12
     AMCC's 3ware 8506-12MI

The vpo(4) driver supports the following parallel to SCSI interfaces:

     Adaptec AIC-7110 Parallel to SCSI interface (built-in to Iomega ZIP drives)
     Iomega Jaz Traveller interface
     Iomega MatchMaker SCSI interface (built-in to Iomega ZIP+ drives)

The wds(4) driver supports the WD7000 SCSI controller.

With all supported SCSI controllers, full support is provided for SCSI-I, SCSI-II, and SCSI-III peripherals, including hard disks, optical disks, tape drives (including DAT, 8mm Exabyte, Mammoth, and DLT), medium changers, processor target devices and CD-ROM drives. WORM devices that support CD-ROM commands are supported for read-only access by the CD-ROM drivers (such as cd(4)). WORM/CD-R/CD-RW writing support is provided by cdrecord(1), which is a part of the sysutils/cdrtools port in the Ports Collection.

The following CD-ROM type systems are supported at this time:

     SCSI interface (also includes ProAudio Spectrum and SoundBlaster SCSI) (cd(4))
     Sony proprietary interface (all models) ( scd(4))
     ATAPI IDE interface ( acd(4))

The following device is unmaintained:

     Mitsumi proprietary CD-ROM interface (all models) ( mcd(4))
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