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FreeBSD is a great platform for software developement; all sorts of programming languages, application servers and other tools are just a pkg_add away. Platform is well documented and full sources are available.


Programming Languages

Default Un*x language is C, on FreeBSD it is compiled by included GCC. GCC has front ends for other languages: C++, Ada, Fortran, Java, etc. For other compilers and interpreters check the Ports: Lang.

Developement Environments

Some functional and logical languages come with it's own developement environment, but for serious work people usually end up with a VI or Emacs clone. There are also some boosted editors and RAD tools like Anjuta and KDevelop...


Application servers: Apache, THTTPD... Databases: PostgreSQL, SQLite, BerkeleyDB, MySQL...


Where to find...

Platform Documentation

What's included, where to get, sources, how to navigate...

The FreeBSD Developer's Handbook The FreeBSD Architecture Handbook The PMake Tutorial Chapter 2 of The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System FreeBSD Assembly Language Tutorial

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