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Here is an inconclusive list of BSD and similar style equivalents of other non-proprietary programs. Many programs are ported to GNU/Linux with GNU style dependencies, before they are ported to FreeBSD, so GPL (GNU) licensed programs are generally allowed to be used in pkg and ports. However, the aim here is towards BSD, MIT and Apache style licensed equivalents. Not always can a BSD dependency be a drop-in replacement for a GNU or other style of dependency without patches. Alternative programs are not always immediately compatible either, and it may have to be tested for compatibility. Also, alternative programs may not have the full range of functionality or capability. The subject includes other non-proprietary, such as GPL and LGPL, licensed programs. Various licensed dependencies are also useful for functionality or when other options are marked as not functional.



  • Clang is the BSD alternative to GNU's GCC - Not all programs will build by both compilers. Newer versions of GCC are not license compatible with FreeBSD's base system. Installing it through ports or packages is perfectly compatible by license.

GUI Toolkits

Here are BSD style toolkits.


  • devd(8), which is native to FreeBSD, is not an exact replacement for GNU's HAL (hardware abstraction layer). The two programs are fundamentally and functionally different. devd cannot simply drop in and replace HAL, unless the source code or a patch accommodates it.
  • deskutils/devd-notifier BSD devd-notifier(8)
  • sysutils/automount BSD automount(8) - uses devd.



Network security

License information

The license version may not always be mentioned here. Newer versions of a license are not always compatible with BSD the way an older version of a license is.

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