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(Is There No Thing Called Free Speach?)
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==Is There No Thing Called Free Speach?==
So is "from source" not welcome here? What is the point of me writing articles, only for you to just change the whole lot?
[[Installing_Apache_with_PHP]] was a "from source" guide, for one simple fact: You know where everything goes, and you can then easily query errors. And not like all, some people '''do''' prefer source installs -- which I'd thought I'd give the user a choice!
But it seems this a pkg_add based wiki. Great. What gives?
Actually around here we generally prefer the [[ports tree]], which Dave also gave the nod to.  Which is also building from source, but has the (rather distinct) advantage of also creating entries in the ports database, as well as making sure that any FreeBSD-centric patches and file location changes get made, you can use portupgrade to update the port later, etc etc etc.
However I was still interested to see your "from tarballs" approach.  It's not something I'd normally recommend on a FreeBSD machine when there is a port for that application, for the reasons mentioned above, but it's nice to see it done a bit.  After all every now and then it is possible to run across something you want that there isn't already a port for!
Maybe you could write us an article specifically about building applications from tarballs rather than using the ports tree, and common gotchas and how to fix them?
PS: the talk page for your article is really a better place for this kinda thing, I had already asked you a leading question about some of this stuff there. =)  --[[User:Jimbo|Jimbo]] 10:02, 29 March 2006 (EST)

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What do you think of the idea of putting the whole handbook in here and improving it through the wiki process? We may be able to get the doc project on board with that, especially since there are some tools (crude as of yet I think) that can convert mediawiki markup to docbook. Do you have the space and bandwidth for that? If it really takes off it could be merged back into the official FreeBSD webspace. - Taxman 15:28, 17 Sep 2004 (GMT)

problem with that

There are two problems with that; a) this question is better asked of Jimbo (since this is his baby, not mine,) although I am pretty sure his answer's going to be along the lines of "no, I'd rather write something easier to deal with than to copy verbatim" and b) the handbook makes my eyes gloss over, and part of the reason I think a wiki is better than the handbook is because it brings fresher ways of presenting the information -- especially nice is the compactness of it (specifics when you want 'em). I mean, the handbook is already available in chunks of HTML-ized chapters....don't need to repeat work that's been done already. Although I'm sure Jimbo would be happy to see his work linked from/become part of official FreeBSD documentation (I know I'd be happy if someone saw an article I wrote and went "oh shit! that's how you do it! thanks!")


Dave said it right

I'm not in favor of getting this project buried underneath the Handbook, for all the reasons Dave listed. I get pretty frustrated every time I try digging information out of the Handbook; so while I don't mind incorporating some of the stuff from it piecemeal, I am very very very much not in favor of dumping it here en masse. --Jimbo 00:40, 18 Sep 2004 (GMT)

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