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Installation of FreeBSD on the Sparc architechture is nearly identical to the x86 architecture installation, although booting from media differs somewhat from the x86 install procedures:

The first step is getting your target machine to boot off of your install media. Sun's Sparc machines have a few quirks, the most relevant of which for you right now is Open Boot Firmware (off-site link to's info on Open Boot parameters).

Boot from the console (or console via terminal,) and during boot-up, hit the STOP button and the letter "a" on the keyboard. This will drop you to the OK prompt. This is the Open Firmware prompt, which is a close cousin of the Mac OS X Open Firmware (off-site link). It may help to think of it as a BIOS-commandline.

The OK prompt may be displayed thus:




this can be one of the other depending on which version of the Open Firmware the machine is running.

If you're running on a machine with multiple processors, you may see

  OK {0} 


  OK {1}

this will only be seen on machines with multiple processors and the number within the parenthesis is to let you know which processor you're currently running on.

At the OK> prompt, type in "boot cdrom" (if you've got a bootable cdrom for the sparc arch in the cd drive of the machine) or "boot net" if you're trying to do a net install from a network server. From here on in, the install should be nearly identical to an x86 install.

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