Running an SSH server in Windows

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Why? So you can ssh into your Windows machines as well!

  1. Get Cygwin [here].
  2. Install it and choose the OpenSSH package (OpenSSL will also be chosen for you, as a dependency).
  3. Install the cygrunsrv package from the Admin category.
  4. Right-click "My Computer", select properties, go to Advanced tab, select "Environment Variables". Find the variable for "Path" and double-click it. Add "C:\cygwin\bin" to the path, after whatever else is there. Click on "New" and add a new variable named CYGWIN with the value set to ntsec tty.
  5. Open a cygwin bash shell and run ssh-host-config -y to set up ssh keys, your sshd config file and to set sshd to run as a Windows service. It'll ask for the value of the CYGWIN variable, put in the same thing as the var above: ntsec tty.
  6. start the service from the cygwin bash shell by running cygrunsrv -S sshd.
  7. You should be able to test it by ssh'ing to localhost. If that works, try it over your LAN. If that doesn't work, check your Windows firewall and allow connections to TCP port 22.

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