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This is a separate entry because -- surprise -- you don't have to be root to run programs (or for daemons to run themselves) as root in order to have root privilege. Any daemon, user or group that has a uid or gid of 0 runs as root effectively. So anyone that hijacks an account that has a root uid is effectively root. Which is why it's a good idea to run as few programs as possible that do that.

Denying the right to use su, and therefore unlimited root privilege, from a regular user account is more secure for work that doesn't need root privileges in unpredictable ways; root can make scripts for that user to still be able to do predictabled root-privilege tasks as needed. Root is harder to hack that way if that user is compromised by a hacker or malware - assuming the simple user isn't permitted to edit the scripts, which is a common novice oversight.

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