Qmail, routing through another mailserver

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If you're on a residential IP address, most modern email systems will refuse to accept mail you send to them directly. (They assume you must be a Windows machine infected with a trojan that's sending out viruses or spam.) So if you're using Qmail, and you want to be able to send mail out from your server using the mail command, you'll need to create an smtproutes control file:

ph34r# echo >> /var/qmail/control/smtproutes
ph34r# cat /var/qmail/control/smtproutes

This tells Qmail that all outbound mail needs to be relayed through instead of being sent directly to the server which handles the mail for the recipient, thereby getting you around the RBL's (and, with many ISP's, outright blocking of port 25 outside their own backbone).

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