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pkg_deinstall is used to remove installed ports from the system. pkg_deinstall first check the port's dependencies : if any port requires the one you want to remove, the deinstallation will fail, and the list of the slave ports will be displayed.

To deinstall a port, type

# pkg_deinstall ThePortToRemove
  • You can use the "-r" flag to remove a port and all the ports depending on it.
  • You can deinstall several ports at once : "pkg_deinstall foo bar foobar".
    • The ports are not removed in the order they are in the commandline but regarding to their dependencies. For example, if "bar" depends on "foo" and "foobar", pkg_deinstall will remove "foo" and "foobar", and then, "bar".

Note: pkg_deinstall is a part of the ports-mgmt/portupgrade port.

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