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see also Mplayer

This is a quick guide to installing the Mplayer port.

(optional) Before you install Mplayer you should probably get the codecs that you want from and put them in /usr/local/lib/codecs. Note the disclaimer: There is absolutely no warranty of any kind for these codec packages. Copyrights of all DLLs remain with their respective owner(s). You should be aware that some of these DLLs have licenses that restrict them to use with certain programs. We only distribute them, the rest is your responsibility.

> su
Password: (enter root password)
> mkdir /usr/local/lib/codecs
> cd /tmp/
> wget
> bunzip2 all-20050115.tar.bz2
> tar -xf all-20050115.tar
> cd /usr/local/lib/codecs
> cp /tmp/all-20050115/* .

Now installing Mplayer can be as complicated as you want the following example is very simple.

> su
Password: (enter root password)
> cd /usr/ports/multimedia/mplayer
> make WITH_GUI=yes install clean

Before you run Mplayer you need to install the fonts,

> cd /usr/ports/multimedia/mplayer-fonts
> make install clean

create your user settings,

> su nvrmnd
Password: (enter nvrmnd's password)
> cd /usr/ports/multimedia/mplayer
> make install-user
> cp /usr/local/share/mplayer/codecs.conf ~/.mplayer/
> cp /usr/local/share/mplayer/example.conf ~/.mplayer/config
> cp /usr/local/share/mplayer/input.conf ~/.mplayer

add atleast one skin from,

> su nvrmnd
Password: (enter nvrmnd's password)
> mkdir ~/.mplayer/Skin
> cd ~/.mplayer/Skin
> wget
> bunzip2 Blue-1.4.tar.bz2
> tar -xf Blue-1.4.tar

and edit ~/.mplayer/config comment out the last line:

include = /home/gabucino/.mplayer/i_did_not_RTFM_carefully_enough...

you can run Mplayer with a gui wth the gmplayer command. The command line player is mplayer.

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