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Command used to view the man page for a command or special file interactively from the shell. You may call a man page by typing man command, or alternately you may specify the section of the manual for the page you want by typing man [number] command. Section numbers are as follows:

1. General Commands
2. System Calls
3. Subroutines
4. Special Files
5. File Formats
6. Games
7. Macros and Conventions
8. Maintenance Commands
9. Kernel Interface

Many commands or files may have man pages in several sections of the manual. If you ask for a man page for a command which has pages in several sections but do not supply a section, you will be returned with the first section page present for that command; this usually but not always means a Section 1 (General Commands) page.

Any pages from other sections will be referenced in a "see also" at the bottom of the man page you receive.

Unless you specify otherwise with flags at the command line, man will use the default pager for the system to display its output; this is usually more.

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