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The following article contains list of commands available on Microsoft's DOS and Windows platforms and the equivalent command on FreeBSD. This can be considered a 'cheat-sheet' for quick reference.

The list is sorted alphabetically by the DOS command name.

Name DOS FreeBSD Notes
Setting file attributes attrib chmod See also related chown
Check Disk chkdsk fsck
Deleting file(s) del rm
Directory listing dir ls
Disk Partitioning fdisk fdisk See also disklabel
Formating a disk format newfs
Make a directory mkdir mkdir
File pager more more The commands share the same name and function but are implemented differently
Moving file(s) move mv
Renaming file(s) ren mv
List contents of a file type cat

While this is a list of known Microsoft specific commands available on DOS and Windows operating systems it may be of relevance to users of similar Digital Research's DR-DOS, IBM's PC-DOS and others.

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